Rossa bikes are modeled after the easy, breezy beach cruisers of California and Indonesia – but updated to be compatible with paved metro areas instead of sandy, soft flats. One of the necessary updates came through borrowing a technology used by a people legendary for biking for pleasure and convenience: the Dutch!


The practically indestructible Shimano CB-E110 coaster hub not only seals away all those unsightly cables and protects them from damage, it also presents an intuitive, easy new way to ride. 


Every Rossa beach cruiser ships with fully installed coaster brakes. Simply pedal backwards to brake and you don’t have to lift a finger to slow down… literally!


When the road is crowded, when it’s bumpy, when it’s wet, when it’s cold, or even if you’re just feeling lazy, coaster brakes are endlessly convenient and just plain easier. 


Your feet completely control the momentum leaving your hands free to steer, signal, or just calmly relax and enjoy the ride. 


Braking with your feet is smooth and natural, and once you try coaster brakes you won’t want to go back!


When it comes to Rossa, riding is believing. All Rossas come with a 30-day, no-questions-asked moneyback guarantee. That’s how sure you’ll fall in love with these roadsters.