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Be safe, be seen when cycling in Ireland.

Cycling is becoming one of the most common modes of transportation in Ireland today with bicycle sales up 70% in 2020 amidst the Covid19 pandemic. There are

various advantages to cycling over other modes of transportation like the added health

benefits, tax incentives via the cycle to work scheme in Ireland, the financial gain in the long run and the time saved during rush hours. However with these advantages comes the disadvantage of how cyclists are left vulnerable on the roads. According to a report by the European Road safety Observatory, deaths of cyclists in Ireland have risen each year since 2010 by 8% with 8 fatalities reported in 2019. In order to combat this the Irish Road Safety Authority (RSA) has a Cycle Smart, Cycle Safe campaign in place in order to shed light on the pressing issue and protect Irish cyclists.

The RSA advises that cyclists should :

● Never cycle in the dark without the correct lighting in place on their bike.

● That no matter the time of day, a cyclist should always ensure they have some sort of

luminous clothing on to make themselves fully visible to others on the road.

● To always follow the rules of the road in the same way a car would.

● A helmet should always be worn regardless of the circumstance.

● Never cycle with headphones on.

● To be wary of the speed they are travelling at.

● To respect the rules of the road and others using it.

Bicycling (2017), speaks about the importance of reflective gear for cyclists at night as

fluorescent colours are useless in the dark. 'Cyclists need to understand the importance of

being seen on the roads in the dark and the best way to achieve this is through the use of

reflective gear. Although reflective gear can be expensive you are investing in the safety of

yourself and others which in my opinion is priceless".

It is easy to get lost in the sea of lights on the road so remember that no matter how bright your light is it only projects light. Your person and bike offer the largest surface area that can reflect light so be safe and be seen and wear hi vis reflective clothing.

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