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Discovering Co. Wicklow on a Rossa

Just 45 minutes outside Dublin where the sounds of Temple Bar fade, the hustle and bustle of the city dims and you find yourself situated in one of the most beautiful places in Ireland –

Wicklow Town. Located on the East coast of Ireland, Wicklow is known as the “Garden of

Ireland”. It’s very easy to add this destination to your Irish cycling route itinerary. Picture a

mixture of beaches, cliffs, mountains and lakes where you’ll definitely get your dose of the

great outdoors, whilst cycling along on a Rossa. With spectacular views, thrilling decants and

amazing spots to stop and get the perfect ‘Insta’ picture or simply just to take it all in -

Wicklow is the place for you. So, let’s get started! Here are some of the most picturesque

spots to take your Rossa for a cycle in the Garden County.

So... why Wicklow?

Brittas Bay Beach:

Brittas Bay beach… well there’s nothing quite like it. Brittas has a 5km stretch of powdery

sand perfect for a gentle cycle on a Rossa (with its extra thick balloon tyres), as well as beautiful sand dunes it is one of the most beautiful sites to cycle along on the East Coast of Ireland. The dunes and sandy beaches of Brittas Bay are an ideal weekend destination for a leisurely cycle on your Rossa. Why not stop along the way and take in the sunsets where the skies will captivate you - you could really be anywhere in the world with the vibrance of the turquoise sea. Park up your bike and take in all of the surroundings for an hour. The perfect spot for a sunset cycle with your Rossa.

The Black Castle:

While in the depths of the Garden Country, cycle alongside the historical Old Pier, while

taking advantage of the numerous trails and surrounding sites. You have a combination of

both the beach and the Old Pier. You can even take a cycle down towards the lighthouse

for the perfect view. Just a short drive from the capital yet almost worlds apart, this place is

home to some of the most beautiful coastal cycling routes in Wicklow. This could be one of the most photogenic places in Ireland and with a combination of the tranquility and beautiful scenery, you are guaranteed the perfect route to go for a leisurely cycle on your Rossa. After you’ve had the perfect cycle, simply sit back and enjoy the serene Irish landscape.

The Old Lighthouse:

Known for its unsurpassed natural beauty is the historical Old Lighthouse; a simple and short

cycling route that showcases some of the best views you will find in the Garden County.

Take your cruiser around the beautiful grounds, taking in the wildlife and the calm waters.

An area that offers plenty of spots to take the perfect Insta worthy picture. You might even be

lucky enough to spot Sammy The Seal… one of Wicklow’s most famous residents, the viral

star has been entertaining visitors and locals with his antics since 2012. Why not cycle your

Rossa along the riverside to see if you can spot him!

The Wicklow Harbour:

Wicklow Town’s crown jewel is its famous and picturesque harbour, a place where residents

and visitors have the opportunity to cycle along the pier or up towards The Murrough - the

route is honestly endless. The Murrough is a popular place to cycle for many locals and

allows you to take in the coastal surroundings that Wicklow Town has to offer. No better

place to take your Rossa. Down to the harbour, park it up and go for a quick dip with the


Devils Glen:

Remote yet beautifully famous - Devils Glen is most definitely one of Wicklow’s most

Instagrammable locations… the perfect opportunity to take your cruiser out for the day.

Located only a half an hour outside the centre of Dublin, this photographer's paradise is full

of stunning natural green scenery and routes to take your Rossa on a scenic cycle. No matter what season you come here for, you are guaranteed the perfect woodside picture. Just be sure to make it towards the waterfall for the best views and have your camera at the ready - it’s Instagram gold! *Car Park Opens at 8.00am and Closes at 5.00pm*

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