Here at Rossa Cycle Co, we believe in always being honest with our customers. We understand that even though we put everything into making sure you are satisfied; sometimes we may not meet your expectations. We always strive to give customers the option to be able to contact us about any questions, queries or feedback they may have about our products. It’s through our customers that we learn the most about how to improve our products and services.

We are passionate about bikes and we take great pride in designing our own unique bicycles to a high quality whilst providing top notch customer service. We value all customers equally and we believe they should all be treated with the same honesty and integrity to ensure that they are comfortable and satisfied with the whole experience of getting their new bike from us. If you are not satisfied with your experience with us we would kindly ask for your cooperation, patience and honesty when dealing with claims, returns, refunds or replacement parts.

ROSSA CYCLE CO. will happily accept returns on bikes, parts and accessories up to 30
days from your initial purchase date
We understand that your case is unique and different from any other customer; this is why we handle each case on an individual basis. There will be no generic emails from us, we are a small company and we deal with every customer on a personal level.

Please contact us on for all enquiries
Rossa Cycle Co. bicycles are always checked carefully before they are shipped to you. We make sure during these checks that there is no damage to the bike prior to shipping. Like all companies though we must account for rare cases of human error, manufacturing flaws can be missed by the quality assurance process or there may be poor assembly and maintenance carried out by an end user or bicycle mechanic. As all of our staff are passionate cyclists with years of industry experience it is more likely that damage will be caused by errors in the bike’s shipping.

We can’t imagine anything worse than one of our boxes being opened and your bike not being exactly how you imagined it.

If you notice the box itself appears to be damaged please take photos before you open it, show the full box, damaged areas and the shipping label. It is even better if you record the whole opening process and send us the video to, this will evidence exactly what the problems are so we can take action quickly.

When we ship our bikes we always make sure that they are properly packaged and well
protected. It is very unlikely that a bike will be damaged during shipping but if it is we will replace
all damaged products and deliver it to you completely free of charge. If you do not want this
however you are entitled to free returns and a full refund.

We always insist on photographic or video evidence when submitting a returns claim.

If you find that your delivered product has a manufacturing flaw we will replace the damaged part or product and ship it back to you as soon as possible with no charge. You also have the option of free returns and a full refund of your purchase.

We always require photographic or video evidence for any returns claim.

We always recommend that our customers let trained bicycle mechanics assemble their bikes and perform all of the necessary maintenance, modifications and repair. However we understand the excitement of getting a new bike and the satisfaction that comes with assembling it yourself. Accidents often happen because of assemblers using the wrong torque settings or incorrect lubrication. If you do cause any damage during home assembly and repairs get in touch with us and we will quickly have you back on the road. 

As long as you have not damaged your product we will accept any returns 30 days following your purchase date. We will inspect your bike and a full refund will be issued if we cannot find any flaws.

In most cases we would expect the cost of the return to be paid for by the customer, we will arrange all return shipping for you. 
For more detailed information on consumer rights within Europe please check

EU consumer information pages.