Here at Rossa Cycle Co, we believe in always being honest with our customers. We understand that even though we put everything into making sure you are satisfied; sometimes we may not meet your expectations. We always strive to give customers the option to be able to contact us about any questions, queries or feedback they may have about our products. It’s through our customers that we learn the most about how to improve our products and services.

We are passionate about bikes and we take great pride in designing our own unique bicycles to a high quality whilst providing a great customer service. We value all customers equally and we believe they should all be treated with the same honesty and integrity to ensure that they are comfortable and satisfied with the whole experience of getting their new bike from us. If you are not satisfied with your experience with us we would kindly ask for your cooperation, patience and honesty when dealing with claims, returns, refunds or replacement parts.

Regardless of the issue or the status of your warranty please contact us immediately if you are
experiencing problems with your Rossa Cycle Co. bicycle. We will find the best solution to get
you back on the road again.

All Rossa bicycles come with a 3 Year Warranty which covers manufacturing defects in the
Frame and Fork. 

Non-consumable parts including Wheels, Prowheel Crankset, Shimano Coaster Hubs, Handlebars and stem, Velo Bottom Brackets, Nico Headset, KMC Chain, Seat Post etc... are covered by a one year manufacturers warranty.

Warranty is only valid with proof of professional assembly. To activate your warranty please email within 30 days of delivery, proof of professional assembly to, For safety and quality purposes It is highly recommended you have your Rossa Cycle Co. bicycle professionally assembled. This is particularly true with the cranks and pedal assembly as galling can occur if the pedal is not correctly installed with appropriate torque and lubrication. If you do cause any damage during home assembly and repairs get in touch with us and we will quickly have you back on the road.
Not Covered under Warranty...
Consumable parts inc. Tyres and tubes, saddle, paint, handlebar grips, brake pads, etc. are not
covered under warranty.  


Corrosion and/or deterioration caused by material fatigue, is defined as the natural breakdown of materials that occurs after extended use will not be covered under warranty. The Frame is aluminium and is resistant to rust. Galvanic corrosion can occur between metals if not correctly assembled using appropriate torque and lubrication Cosmetic damage including scrapes, chips, bumps caused by impacts, or faded colours caused by over exposure to direct sunlight will not be covered under warranty. 

Modification of the bicycle will void the warranty.

Usage such as off roading, stunts, mountain biking other than those for which the bicycle and components have been designed will greatly reduce its intended lifetime and is not covered under warranty. 
How do I make a Warranty Claim?
In the case of defective or broken parts photographic &/or video evidence is required. Please
email it to along with detailed a detailed account of the issue. Any fault with a particular non-consumable component will be dealt with as an individual issue with that particular faulty part. If a non-consumable component is found to be damaged or not mechanically sound due to a manufacturing flaw, we will replace the part in question.
Disclaimer... The warranty applies to the original purchaser only and proof of purchase will be
requested along with proof of professional assembly.

Rossa Cycle Co are not responsible for any shipping or labour charges or fees relating to
warranty claims.

Regardless of the issue or the status of your warranty please contact us immediately if
you are experiencing problems with your Rossa Cycle Co. bicycle. We will find the best
solution to get back up on your bike.